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Hi, my name is Joey Chanel,

I would like to take a moment to explain where the idea for Medsticks came from. I race motocross in the Mid Atlantic Motocross Association. I am also a diabetic. After having observed various different situations at the track, my Dad and I began to feel that there was a need for instant information for paramedics in treating some of the riders.

While most people with medical conditions have a medical alert bracelet or necklace, athletes with safety gear often can not display either their necklace or bracelet. Basically, you can not see the necklace or bracelet because of all the gear. At the race track, in emergency situations, the paramedics did not know of a rider's condition because they could not see the bracelet or necklace. In some situations, the riders are not even conscience when medical attention arrives and therefore cannot tell the paramedics their condition. I have seen this first hand in several situations when friends of mine had to be treated at one of the tracks.

We have spent a great deal of time discussing this with many riders and have taken the time to interview various paramedics and medical personnel. The response to our idea of the helmet stickers was overwhelming. The paramedics were thrilled at being able to immediately identify any special medical needs as soon as they arrive at the scene. The helmet sticker provides valuable information that the paramedics need to know even if the rider is not conscience or their parent is not readily available to advise the paramedics. In some situations, seconds are critical and having instant information can mean saving a rider's life.

Thanks for visiting, Joey     

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