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Frequently Asked Questions
Q Who should have a Medstick sticker?

A. A Medstick sticker would be good for any athlete who wears a helmet. Even if you do not have a medical condition, knowing a person's name and blood type immediately is good information for a paramedic.

Q. How much do the Medstick stickers cost?

A. If you are member of a participating group or organization, there is no cost to you. Your group or organization has already agreed to pay for the stickers and/or patches for you.

A. If you are not a member of a participating group or organization, we ask for a donation to cover the costs of printing and mailing the stickers.

Q. How many stickers do I receive when I order from Medsticks?

A. You will receive 2 stickers with each order.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. All orders are shipped by regular United States Postal Service, and should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Q. How do I make a donation to Medsticks?

A. In an effort to make it easy and secure, Medsticks accepts donations through Paypal. Click here to go to our donations page.

Q. Why use Paypal?

A. Paypal is a third party that will handle your financial information. You set up your account with them on a secured site and they handle all the financial information and process the donations to us. You never have to provide your financial information to us, just to Paypal.
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