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medsticks graphic Motocross athlete, Joey Chanel wearing a medsticks above his googles.

Thank You

Thank You
I want to thank all the people who have helped us get Medsticks off the ground:

Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Association, Creative Grafix, Champion Motorsports, M&M Graphix, Pat McCullough, Jeff Wilkes, Ruth Ann Benson, Dale Brown, Don Logan, the MAMA paramedic crew: Jason Haldeman, Krista Haldeman, Brian Daum, Dustin Vaughn, Kevin Sweeney, Chris Plumley, Mark Plumley, Bill Wohl; The Cascio Family, The Moore Family, The Farley Family, Mike the announcer at Budd's Creek, Gary Bailey, Tom Rhoads, DD, Phyllis Williams, Dave Elliott, Jimmy Owens, The Herberts, Johnny Hill, Jamie Reynolds, and Kelly and Merrill Chanel who had to put up with us while we were getting started and going crazy.

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